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But our delivery times are 8 days and we extend return times to 30 days.

Cooking inspires us

Grown out of years in the culinary world and witness to the evolution of techniques, materials, tools, designs, etc…. within it, as much in the kitchen as in the restaurant, a new, mobile and passionate generation has been creating new restaurants, innovating concepts and changing culinary codes, modernizing not only dishes, but places themselves.

Yet one of the most personal aspects of the kitchen, clothing, and remains practically unchanged since gastronomy’s professionalization at the beginning of the 19th century.

We want this to change, and in order to help cooks feel comfortable in their work settings; we must adapt our designs to the needs of today’s cooks.

We think that chefs themselves are those who can best design their clothes and so, with the simple ambition to help gastronomy continue to evolve in our wonderful and fascinating world, we have created Jook to embark on this passionate adventure with you.

See you by the stove!


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